Software Libraries
Green Turtle is a RDFa 1.1 implementation written in pure JavaScript that runs in the browser.
rdfa-streaming-parser.js is a fast and lightweight streaming RDFa 1.1 parser for Node.js that also runs in the browser.
EasyRDF is a PHP library for extracting RDFa and working with RDF, in general. You must use the latest development version if you want the RDFa parser: download the latest 0.8 snapshot.
PyRDFa is a Python package for extracting RDFa from Web documents; it is based on the Python RDFLib package.
The RDFa gem for the Ruby RDF software stack.
librdfa is the fastest RDFa processor in the world.
clj-rdfa is an RDFa extractor implemented in Clojure running on a Java Virtual Machine.
semargl is a highly performant RDFa parser. Jena, Clerezza, and Sesame integration. Android and GAE support.
RDFa Test Suite

The RDFa Test Suite is useful for validating RDFa Processors against the official test suite for RDFa 1.0 and RDFa 1.1. Languages supported include HTML5, XHTML5, XHTML1, HTML4, SVG and XML.

Version and Host Language specific test manifests may be found here:

See the RDFa Test Suite Vocabulary for information on the semantics of the test manifests.