RDFa Lite
The RDFa Lite document is a quick 15 minute introduction to the basic markup concepts for RDFa Lite.
The RDFa Primer
The RDFa Primer is a more involved overview of the full power of RDFa.
RDFa Core
RDFa Core specifies the complete capabilities of RDFa.


Structured data with schema.org codelab
This hands-on, hour-long tutorial introduces you to RDFa and the schema.org vocabulary.
Schema.org Metadata Integration Guide for EPUB3
EPUB3 authors can use RDFa to enhance content and metadata througout a publication.

For Implementers

Format specific details for HTML5, HTML4, and DOM processors.
XHTML is an XML-based format for HTML widely used in EPUB documents. This specification explains the implementation details of RDFa for XHTML parsers.